Myths About Winning The Lottery

If you Google how to win the lottery, you’ll be bombarded by ads from supposed gurus who will sell you their valued secret, for just a small fee. In reality, they’re simply selling pipe dreams and myths, in the form of advice you probably already know.

Rule #1 in lottery myth busting. There’s never any secret other than they played played, and they got lucky. Would it really be of any help you to know the numbers came to them in a dream or that someone else cut in front of them in line before they bought their tickets?

Myth Masters

Richard Lustig made a living promoting himself at a 7-time lottery jackpot winner, but most one-time jackpot winners actually made more money winning the lottery than he did in his lifetime. When you consider he played almost every day, it’s very likely his secret-selling business was probably the only thing that kept him afloat.

If you skim through hundreds of pages in his books or sift through any of the ridiculously price member websites that still bare his name (he passed way in 2018), you’ll find his secret is that he picks a set of numbers, and plays them each and every draw until they win. Shocking, but true.

Whereas Lustig did actually win a over $1 million (spread over 17 years and 7 jackpot wins), he at least did have an $842,000 Florida Mega Jackpot to his credit that came in year 9. The rest range from $4,000 to $98,000 and two of those 7 jackpots was actually trips to Holllywood, California and Memphis, Tennessee. Yes, Wins #3 and #4 were trips, valued at $3,456 and $4,966 respectively. Both were from second-chance draws, where you mail-in losing lottery tickets. When you consider he was probably mailing them in his second-chances daily, he’d probably have similar luck at the office raffle.

The aptly coined Steve Player on the other had, seemingly came to life out of Las Vegas neon advertising. Considering how many products are sold under this glowing banner, it’s impressive they’re can still afford to power it.

Legendary Myths

At least people like Gail Howard actually helped design some of the original lottery wheels that many people still play today. The wheels have also been improved over time by combinatorics geniuses like Ilya Bluskov whose Combinational Lottery Wheels Book include mathematically-minimal guaranteed 2x repeat wins.

While very few people have heard of Iliya, Gail went on to became a celebrity in her own right, and there were 20+ big jackpot winners who credit her system.

What’s never said, is the that she had an Oprah-like following in the lottery world before death (she passed away in 2015), and as such, the amount of people who played her systems far outnumbered the winners. Unfortunately, she also seemingly sold her Smart Luck business well before she died to people who to this day, still make it seem like she runs the show.

If you’re lucky enough to know when, where to play, you still have to know HOW to play certain lottery wheels which no gurus seem to teach. If you play them blindly, they’re probably just as likely to produce the same number, if not more, of losing tickets as random play.

While we don’t consider ourselves experts on the matter, we at least explain how to seek out profitable wheels to play in our free lottery wheels that work article.

Now, let’s move on to dispelling all those empty promises these gurus always make, but never deliver.

Win Guaranteed

You’re Guaranteed to Win!!!

First up, no matter the lottery system used, NOTHING IS GUARANTEED unless you’ve paid to play AND your chosen numbers appear in the draw.

While lottery systems and super wheels might trump up their guaranteed prizes, you’d have to play them consistently over a long period to get consistent results.

In general, the results will only show they do nothing, OTHER THAN CONSISTINENTLY LOSING A LOT OF MONEY OVER TIME!

We’ll Show You How to Can Cheat The System!!!

Cheat The System

There’s no cheating the system. You either guess the right numbers or you don’t. The only magic bean formulas to win the lottery are:

  • Opportunity: If you don’t play, you can’t win
  • Luck:  You either have it in boatloads… or you don’t

That’s it.

If you play more lines or play more often, you’ll have more opportunity to be lucky.

Can you play smarter, yes, but the odds are rigged against you and there’s is no cheating the system.

Beat the Odds

The Odds Are in Your Favor with our System!!!

No matter the lottery you play, the odds are stacked against you, so much so that they’re often astronomical in number.

No Luck Required

You Don’t Need Luck to Win!!!

If there’s one thing you need most of all when playing the lottery, it’s luck!

In fact, you’ll need copious amounts of luck if you hope to win anything higher than a Match 3 prize.

Number Patterns

As Long as You Play the Right Pattern, You’ll Win!!!

The only patterns that have been proven true, time and time again, are that lottery companies make a lot of money AND the average lottery player loses a lot of money.

While the 3 odd/3 even and 3 high/3 low patterns are said to be most likely to appear in a Pick 6 draw, it’s because out of all the possible combinations that exist, the largest number of combinations that exist, are guess what?

3 odd/3 even and 3 high/3 low and 2/4 or 4/2.

These patterns appear more often because there are more possible combinations of them. That’s all.

One ticket line = 1 possible jackpot chance no matter the pattern or numbers played.

The only way you can increase your odds of winning is to play more lines (i.e. 100 lines = 100 possible jackpot chances).

Number Combinations

We Know all the Best Combinations!!!

Any combination, whether it’s 1,2,3,4,5,6 or a random mix of numbers is just as likely to come up as the next. Why, because they are drawn randomly, and when doing so, any combination, no matter how likely (like 6 consecutive numbers) is just as likely as any other why combination.

If you’re wondering why it has not appeared yet, take into consideration that it will over time.

To make every possible jackpot combination appear in a regular 6/49 draw (13,983,816) it would take a minimum of 134,460 years!

Hot and Cold Numbers

We Know ALL the Best Numbers!!!NO, THEY DO NOT!

What they’ll show you in a hot and cold comparison is the regression to the mean. As in what happened in the past xx number of draws, and not what will happen next!

The chance of one specific number showing up in the next draw is exactly the same as any other number! Small sample sizes, however, will skew the results no matter when in time you look, but they are not indicative of future results.

If you calculate individual number appearances over 5000+ draws, you’ll see there is no real distinctive pattern and that all numbers are become nearly weighted equally over time.