Pick 6

Pick 6 | Balanced Lottery Wheels

View our Pick 6 wheel covers that offer win guarantees such as 3if3, 3if4, 4if4, 4if5, 5if5, or 5if6. For all wheel coverings, it’s important to know the lotto prize payout for your match to determine if the wheel trap coverage is profitable or not.

Below you’ll find links to all of our Pick 6 balanced wheeling systems, including sorting of wheel covers by prize guarantee, numbers played and lines played.

Playing Tips

Every wheel trap, no matter the guarantee or numbers played will have a tipping point where certain combinations have to be overlapped (adding double/triple coverage) to ensure that another combination can have single coverage.

What this means is that you’ll have a considerably higher number of losing tickets when you’re numbers don’t appear, simply because you used 100% coverage. If you’re willing to add a little risk to your play, you can save a lot of money when luck does not come your way.

For example, a 10 number, 5if5 guarantee requires 50 lines for full 100% coverage. On the other hand, you can get 71.5% 5if5 coverage using just 30 lines (at only 60% of the cost) because there is no double-coverage required in this play.

If you want to learn more about these types of calculated-risk plays, be sure to read our Free Guide to Lottery Wheeling Systems That Work guide.

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Wheeling Systems

By balanced, we also mean abbreviated or reduced wheel traps that provide specific win guarantees using the lowest possible number of ticket lines required. In general, the more numbers you play and the greater the guarantee coverage, the more lines you will be required to play.

By Guarantee

When playing a small amount (7-11) of numbers you can still find good value in balanced prize guarantees, but once you start playing 12 numbers or more you’ll need to start playing for reduced prize guarantees if you want to hold on to any hope of profiting from small prizes.

Primary Prizes

In general, a 2if2 match guarantee will only win you a free ticket, a 3if3 match is usually from $3-$10, a 4if4 match from $10-$50, and a match 5if5 can win you $500+.

Secondary Prizes

With a reduced coverage wheeling system, you’re only guaranteed a lower number of hits for the number of matches you get. While you can get a 3if3 match with 2if3 coverage, it’s not a guarantee. Playing more numbers will lower the covering percentage of the balanced prize-guarantees within your reduced prize-guarantees.

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By Lines Played

If you’re looking to play a specific number of lines, below you’ll find all the different guaranteed wheel coverings options that are available to you.

By Numbers Played

If you’re looking to play a specific set of numbers, below you’ll find all the different guaranteed wheel coverings options that are available to you.

7 Numbers

8 Numbers

9 Numbers

10 Numbers

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11 Numbers

12 Numbers

13 Numbers

14 Numbers

15 Numbers

16 Numbers

17 Numbers

18 Numbers

19 Numbers

20 Numbers

24 Numbers

30 Numbers

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36 Numbers

39 Numbers

40 Numbers

49 Numbers