Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 Wheels 10 Numbers: Free Lotto Systems & Strategies

Free pick-6 lottery wheeling systems for 10-numbers that are balanced, mathematically minimal, and cover win guarantees for 6if6, 5if5, 4if4, 3if3, 2if2, 2if3, 3if4, 4if5, 3if6, and 5if6.

Hot Picks

The 4if6 balanced wheel is a great insurance bet that will only cost 3 lines, while the 3if3 guarantee is a nice upgrade since you get an extra number (from 9) for just 3 extra lines.

If you like to gamble on hot numbers with a lot of repeat wins, the 4if5, and the 4if4 wheels are worth a look.

If you really want to push all your chips in, playing a $1 Lotto with a $10 Match 3 prize can be worthwhile for 5if5 play. This ticket set offers 7-9x repeat wins on key number 3if3 matches, ($20-40 profit on a $50 bet). If you have a Match 4 or more you’ll be raking in the dough, but know this is quite hard to do when only playing 10 numbers.

Balanced Wheels

These balanced ticket sets have mathematically minimal lottery wheels for playing 10-numbers that win will you prizes if you correctly match the draw guarantee.

2if2 Guarantee

This wheel generally works the same, as 4if6 coverage but requires 4 lines instead of three. Your key numbers are [1,2,3,4] which repeat 3x.

2if3 Guarantee

This wheel only makes sense if you just want to play two lines, as there is no real advantage to having the key numbers [1,2] repeat 2x.

3if3 Guarantee

A fair gamble that costs only 10 lines which is just three more than 3if3 wheel for 9 numbers. Your key numbers are [1,2,3,4] and [7,8,9,10] which both repeat 2x.

3if4 Guarantee

This is a decent bet if you like having repeat key numbers as [1,2,3,4], as they repeat 3x on just 4 lines. The number pair of [5,6] is also pivotal since it appears with [1,2,3,4] and [5,6,7,8].

3if5 Guarantee

Your key numbers are [1,2], which repeat 2x. This ticket set also covers 3if6, but technically you only need to play 9 numbers to get the same guarantees.

3if6 Guarantee

This is just a variation of the 3if5 wheel, where your key numbers that repeat 2x are [5,6], rather than [1,2],

4if4 Guarantee

For a cost of 20 lines you’re playing for at least a 2x match 3if3 to break, but many match 3 combinations do repeat 3x. Your key numbers of [1,2,3], however, repeat 5x and [1,2,3,4] will repeat 3x when matching all four.

Do also note that all 20 lines have at least two numbers from the [1,2,3,4] number set. So, if all four numbers do not appear, you’ll need to be very lucky to match 4. If three or more appear then you winning multiple prizes.

4if5 Guarantee

This is a decent game for 7 lines, but it’s heavily-weighted on your key numbers [1,2,3,4], which appear on 6 lines! The number sets of [5,6] and [7,8] and [8,9] are also pivotal, as they repeat 2x.

4if6 Guarantee

For only 3 lines, this is a great insurance bet. Your key numbers are [1,2,3,4], which repeat 2x, as do the number pairs of [5,6] and [7,8].

5if5 Guarantee

Your key numbers are [1,2,3,4,5], which repeat 3x, but for 50 lines, this is a steep gamble. You can, however, profit from a Match 3. Any pair within your key numbers will repeat 7-9x with all other numbers.

5if6 Guarantee

If you’re playing for the jackpot, this is a good insurance bet for just 14 lines. Typically you would win at least $500 for this prize. If your numbers appear in the draw, then it will be very profitable.

Your key numbers are [1,2,3], which repeat 4x, and each number pair within [1,2|1,3|2,3] repeats 6x.

6if6 Guarantee

At 210 lines, this is quite an expensive ticket, but it’s very evenly weighted. Most 3if3 combinations repeat 35x, and most 4if4 combinations repeat 15x. You can profit here, but if your numbers don’t appear often, the losses will start to add up.

6if7 Guarantee

In just 30 lines (1/7 of full 6if6 coverage), this wheel offers complete protection for a 5+ Bonus prize as long as you match 5 in the regular draw along with the bonus number. Should you match all six in the regular draw, you’ll also have a 14.28% chance at the jackpot.