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Pick 6 Wheels 11 Numbers: Free Lotto Systems & Strategies

Free pick-6 lottery wheeling systems for 11 numbers that are balanced, mathematically minimal, and cover win guarantees for 6if6, 5if5, 4if4, 3if3, 2if2, 2if3, 3if4, 4if5, 5if6, 4if6, 3if6.

Hot Picks

The a 3if4 wheel is a 5 line ticket offers 2x Match 4 wins along with including full 4if6 coverage.

If you wanted to play cautiously on a $1 lotto with a $10 Match 3 Prize, the 3if3 wheel provides a nice safety net in using just 11 lines.

Balanced Wheels

These balanced ticket sets have mathematically minimal lottery wheels for playing 11 numbers that win will you prizes if you correctly match the draw guarantee.

2if2 Guarantee

2if3 Guarantee

3if3 Guarantee

This is a safe bet on a $1 lotto with a $10 Match 3 prize, as you’re basically spending $11 to make $10, if 3 of your 11 numbers show up in the draw. The hope is that you get either free tickets on top of your Match 3, or get lucky on a Match 4. Your key numbers are [1,2,3,4,5], as both [1,2,3] and [3,4,5] will repeat 2x.

3if4 Guarantee

This is best bet in these tickets sets, as you’ll not only get full 4if6 coverage, but you also have change to win multiple Match 4 prizes. Your key numbers are [1,2,3,4] and [5,6,78], which repeat 2x.

3if5 Guarantee

This is almost a bare-minimal ticket where only the number [1], repeats 2x.

3if6 Guarantee

Your key numbers are [1,2] which repeat 2x.

4if4 Guarantee

4if5 Guarantee

4if6 Guarantee

This is a variation of the 3if4 wheel with your key numbers being [1,2,3,4] and [6,7,8,9] , which both repeat 2x.

5if5 Guarantee

5if6 Guarantee

6if6 Guarantee

6if7 Guarantee

In just 66 lines (1/7 of full 6if6 coverage), this wheel offers complete protection for a 5+ Bonus prize as long as you match 5 in the regular draw along with the bonus number. Should you match all six in the regular draw, you’ll also have a 14.28% chance at the jackpot