Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 Wheels 7 Numbers: Free Lotto Systems & Strategies

Free pick-6 lottery wheeling systems for 7-numbers that are balanced, mathematically minimal, and cover win guarantees for 6if6, 5if5, 4if4, 3if3, 2if2, and 5if6.

Just one line is need for 2if3, 3if4, and 4if5 coverage, so not matter what numbers you play you’re already covered.

Hot Picks

At 7 lines, the full 6if6 wheel is as cheap as it gets to guarantee a jackpot win, as it balloons to 28 lines at 8 numbers. At only 2 lines, the 5if6 wheel make for a decent insurance bet as it offers 2x repeat wins for most matches.

The rest of the tickets are, however, best played with 8 numbers, as they have similar line counts and include an extra ball.

Balanced Wheels

These balanced ticket sets have mathematically minimal lottery wheels for playing 7-numbers that win will you prizes if you correctly match the draw guarantee.

2if2 Guarantee

There’s not much of advantage here as it will cost you 3 lines for a guarantee that doesn’t win a prize other than maybe a free ticket. If you play 1 extra line you get guarantee 3if3 coverage.

The only reason this ticket would make sense, if you like the key numbers [1,2,3,4] which repeat 3x, while [1,2,3,4,5] repeats 2x.

3if3 Guarantee

It only takes 4 lines to guarantee 3if3 with 7 seven numbers, but you can also do the same with 8 numbers in 4 lines as well. If still want to play this ticket, your key numbers are [1,2,3], which repeat 4x.

3if3 Playing TipsWinning Tables

4if4 Guarantee

With just 5 lines you can guarantee a 4if4 win. and secure a higher payout, by simply adding an extra line to the 3if3.

Your key numbers are [1,2] as they repeat 5x and will combine with every other number 4x.

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5if5 Guarantee

With just 6 lines you can guarantee 5if5, and again a secure a higher payout, by simply adding an extra line to 4if4. Your key numbers are [1,2,3] which repeat 4x, while all other combinations will repeat 3x.

5if5 Playing TipsWinning Tables

5if6 Guarantee

This is a decent play for an insurance bet, as you can double your wins by matching within your key numbers [1,2,3,4,5] which repeat 2x. These lines are also the foundation of all the other 7-number wheels.

6if6 Guarantee

With 7 lines you can guarantee 6if6 play and win the jackpot if you match your numbers.

Each 3-set combo will repeat 4x, while each 4-set combo will repeat 3x, and each 5-set combo will repeat 2x.

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