Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 | 8 Number Wheel Trap (4if4)

If you want to play 8-numbers and profit, wheel your numbers to maximize your chances of repeat wins and winning the jackpot. This will keep you motivated to keep on playing, as getting a $10 win once in a while is no one’s idea of excitement.

Below you’ll find our modified a standard 6 pick, 8 number, 7-line lottery wheel with a 4 of 4 win guarantee. We’ve also included multiple playing options as well as a playing strategy for this wheel so you can turn it into a profitable one.

What You Can Win

In general, when wheeling a 7-line ticket with 8 numbers you will get 2-4 wins per ticket.

  • 2 + Bonus: 2-3 wins
  • 3 numbers: 2-3 wins
  • 3 + Bonus: 2-3, match 3 wins, plus 1-2 match 2 + Bonus wins.
  • 4 numbers: 1-2 match 4 wins, plus 1-3 match 3 wins
  • 5 numbers: Can have 1-2 wins, but you have to be lucky with their order.

Where To Play It

For this wheel to be a worthwhile playing often, you’d need a 10x win for 3 numbers and 50x win for 4 numbers. Normally, this ratio is only found in $1 play lotteries.

If you play a $3+ ticket, you want to play the one with the highest prizes for 3 or 4 numbers, as most of your repeat-wins will be in this range.

8 Number Wheel | 4 of 4 Win Guarantee

Without further ado, you’ll find our modified lottery wheel below so you can easily box your favorite numbers as you please.

The columns are numbered from 1 through 8 and each row represents one 6-pick ticket.

Ticket 01010203040507
Ticket 02010204060708
Ticket 03010203050608
Ticket 04010304050608
Ticket 05010305060708
Ticket 06020304050607
Ticket 07020304050708
✸ Hot Play010204050608
✸ Hot Play010304050607
✸ Hot Play020405060708
❄ Cold (3 of 3)91011131416
❄ Cold (3 of 3)91012131516
❄ Cold (3 of 3)101112131415
❄ Cold (3 of 4)91011141516
❄ Cold (3 of 4)91012131516
❄ Cold (3 of 4)91112131416
❄ Cold (3 of 4)101112131415

The first 7 lines are the standard 8-number option with a 4 of 4 win guarantee. If 4 numbers of 6 show up in your draw, you win!

The 2nd set of numbers (Hot) can be added when feeling and will especially pay off if you match 4.

Below this, we’ve added to other plays that can make this is a $10 or $11 ticket.

Playing multiple sets is highly recommended if you want to play this wheel often.

Winning Frequency

On average, this ticket will hit paydirt once every 4-6 weeks, but the gaps between wins will be quite random.

3 number hits are the most common, which is why we recommend maximizing their wins by adding extra tickets when your numbers are hot.

Average Payout

If you have a good set of numbers or a rotating cast of them, you should be at least be getting back 35-45% of your ticket spending amount over the 100-200 draws with just small wins (3 numbers) and the odd 4 number win.

If your numbers show up often and you hit the 4 number pot several times in these draws, you should be near a 70%-80% payback.  

If you win 5 numbers once in 100 draws you should be in the 150%+ return range and if they repeat, consider yourself quite lucky.

With a cost of $700 per 100 draws (at $1 per ticket), know that the frequency of 3 numbers is not high enough while playing 8 numbers to get you in the profit zone.

Wheel Playing Tips

If you decide to play any ticket weekly, no matter the numbers, the odds are against you even getting more than a 30% return. If you want to win, you have to pick and choose your spots.

Think of it like playing blackjack, where you double-down and split your cards while the game is running hit or sit out / bet low when the cards go cold.

Play to Your Streak

If you feel your numbers are ready to run hot, play the extra lines to maximize your payout or simply buy two of the same ticket $7 tickets.

When your numbers go cold, don’t keep pissing away your money. Either swap them out for something else or reduce the number while you await a hot streak.

Don’t Buy Tickets in Advance

Think of it like horse racing. You wouldn’t bet on the same long-shot every single time, know it’s going to lose 4 times more than it will win.

Even when wheeling 8 numbers, the chance that three or more come up is only about 20% or less, which means that 80% of your tickets will be losers if you don’t change them up.

If you adjust your playing strategy accordingly to how your numbers are playing rather than a schedule, you should have a lot more luck.

Know that Less is More

Percentage-wise, a 7-line ticket wheel is more profitable, in the long-term than playing the 10-line hot ticket if using the same numbers each week.

Sure you’ll get more repeat wins with a 10-line ticket, but you also get 80% more repeat losses too if you play the same numbers on all 10 tickets.

Play the hot ticket only when you’re feeling lucky, as if you hit then, it will increase the profitability of your play.

Play Multiple Number Sets

Frequent wins are what will keep you in the game and unfortunately, playing a single number set is likely to generate them.

Winning with only 8 wheeled numbers is not easy, but it’s much more doable if you play multiple sets of different numbers.

When your favorites are losing, don’t them beat you in the ground, swap them out. On the wheel above you’ll notice we added two extra plays for 3 of 4 (3 tickets) and 3 of 3 (4 tickets), so you can play two sets of wheeled numbers on the same ticket.

Stay out of the Cold

Cold streaks will kill your winning percentage when playing only 8 numbers, so you need to avoid them as best as you can.

The odds will keep growing against you if you try to play through cold streaks. Sure a big win would get you out of the red, but if you lose more during the streak than you’ll ever win, what’s the point?

If your numbers run cold, you either swap them out, just play a few tickets while you wheel another set. If you want to play 10 lines per draw, you will need several match 4 wins or a single match 5 draws to get you in the green.

If your numbers are hot then add some extra lines to ensure you get more repeat wins. Adding a few extra lines can easily add 2-3 repeat to your ticket.

When your numbers grow cold, reduce your buy-in to 3 tickets (3 of 4 qin guarantees) or 4 tickets (3 of 3 win guarantees) to still hit if they show up.

Double Down

Add some creativity once in a while to keep it interesting. If you bank your winnings instead of putting them back into your weekly ticket pool, you can then play more numbers in another more expensive wheel.

You can also use your winnings to double-down on your favorites when they run hot and make off like a bandit if you win.