Pick 7

Pick 7 | Balanced Lottery Wheels

View our Pick 7 lottery wheel covers that offer win guarantees such as 2if2, 2if3, 3if3, 3if4, 4if4, 5if5, 6if6, and 7if7. For all wheel traps, it’s important to know the lotto prize payout for your match to determine if the wheel trap coverage is profitable or not.

Playing Tips

Every wheel trap, no matter the guarantee or numbers played will have a tipping point where certain combinations have to be overlapped (adding double/triple coverage) to ensure that another combination can have single coverage.

What this means is that you’ll have a considerably higher number of losing tickets when you’re numbers don’t appear, simply because you used 100% coverage. If you’re willing to add a little risk to your play, you can save a lot of money when luck does not come your way.

If you want to learn more about these types of calculated-risk plays, be sure to read our Free Guide to Lottery Wheeling Systems That Work.

Wheeling Systems

By balanced, we also mean abbreviated or reduced wheel traps that provide specific win guarantees using the lowest possible number of ticket lines required. In general, the greater the guarantee coverage, the more lines you will be required to play.

By Numbers Played

If you’re looking to play a specific set of Pick 7 numbers, below you’ll find all the different guaranteed wheel coverings options that are available to you.

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