What is the Lottario draw time?

The draw time for Lottario is held at 11:30 pm ET every Saturday night. Ticket counters close at 10:30 pm ET though, while Early Bird eligibility expires after 11:59:59 ET on Fridays.

How much are Lottario tickets?

Each line or board played in Lottario costs $1 but you get a free quick pick ticket with every line you purchase. As in, you get two plays for $1 whether you use self-pick or quick pick numbers.

What are the odds of winning Lottario?

The odds of winning the jackpot are (or any other normal 6/45 lottery) are 1 in 8,145,060. With Lottario, however, you get a free play with every line purchased, with theoretically cuts your odds in half at 1 in 4,072,530 per $1 play. The 5/6 + Bonus prize which pays out $10,000 has odds of …

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What are the chances of winning Lottario?

The chances of winning Lottario or any other normal 6/45 lottery are 1 in 8,145,060. Since you get a free play with every line purchased, your chances could theoretically be cut in half at 1 in 4,072,530.

What are the Lottario prize payouts?

The Lottario jackpot has a minimum prize of $250,000, which increases with each week it’s not won. The average jackpot won is around $600,000 but does reach $1-2M a few times per year. ┬áThe remaining prizes are $10,000, $500, $30, $10, $5, $4 and Free Plays. The extra Early Bird prize generally pays out $200 …

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What are the Lottario Early Bird prizes?

There is only one Early Bird prize in Lottario, which is a $50,000 prize pool that is shared equally between all winners. On average, Early Bird winners will receive around $200 each.