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Can Workplaces Prohibit Lottery Pools?

Yes. In some companies, gambling on the job is considered a fireable offense.

Aside from laws prohibiting gambling, you also want to be sure that your workplace does not prohibit lottery pools during work hours. Before you start an office lottery pool, check your business’ code of conduct or employee handbook to see if there’s a no-gambling policy. If you’re still not sure, check with your company’s human resources department.

If you are a government employee or a civilian working at a government facility, you face additional restrictions. According to Cornell Law School, lottery pools that take placeon Government-owned or leased property or on-duty for the Government are strictly prohibited.

Before you get started, check with local laws and with your company’s human resources department (if you’re starting an office lottery pool) to ensure you are not breaking any laws or guidelines that could turn a fun lottery pool into a serious problem. If you decide to go ahead with your pool, make sure you have a good contract to protect yourself and your coworkers.

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