Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 | 8 Number Wheel Trap (3if4)

Get balanced coverage on 8-numbers with a 3if4 guarantee using just 3 lines. Key number 4if4 coverage with repeat Match 3 wins as consolation.

Wheeling System Playing Tips

To improve your payouts from 3if3, 4if4, 5if5 be sure to extra care when choosing choosing your key numbers (1,2,3) and (4,5) and they will appear together on multiple tickets.

You can also try swapping out your (1,2,3) or (6,7,8) number-sets with new options on a 2nd ticket set. This will add additional 3if3 coverage for 11-numbers total.

Wheel 8 Numbers on 3 Lines

The first three numbers (1,2,3) repeat on all three tickets while they also appear with (4,5) on two tickets. The number (6,7) also appear twice while the number (8) only appears once.

Lottery Winner Univeristy
Ticket 01123456
Ticket 02123457
Ticket 03123678
Lottery Winner Univeristy

Guaranteed Wheel Prize Wins

Because you only have 3if4 coverage you will need to draw at least 4 numbers to guaranteed a prize. Other than (4,6,7), however all combinations of (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) are guaranteed to win a prize.

Secondary Wheel Prize Wins

Should your combination not appear when matching 4 or more numbers, you will be still guaranteed lower prizes. Do note that (1,2,3,4,5) appears on two tickets, so you will have repeat wins if you can Match 4 or Match 5 of these.

Wheel Free Tickets

Your key numbers here are (1,2,3) which appear on all three tickets, while they are combined with (4,5) on two other tickets. All other two-number combinations besides (5,8) will appear just once.

Risk Factor

There is a risk of losing out on a Match 3 prize here, as the combinations of (4,5,8 | 5,6,7 | 5,6,8) require you play a 4-line ticket ticket to get full 3if3 coverage.

Getting full 4if4 coverage for 8 numbers requires 7-lines total. At that price, however, we recommend going with 6if6 coverage for 7 numbers as this comes with a jackpot guarantee. Another 7-line ticket is 4if4 coverage of 9 numbers also which further increase your odds by adding an extra number.


Since there is no guarantee beyond a single 3if4 prize with this wheel, matching within your key number sets (1,2,3,4,5) will dictate the amount of prize money you will win.

The line cost, however, is quite cheap which allows you to still profit when wins are few and far between.

  • Match 3 = $10: every 2-6 draws… or
  • Match 4 = $50: every 3-36 draws… or
  • Match 5 = $500 : every 3-336 draws

Wheeling System Summary

The fact that you can box out 8 numbers quite cheaply and win multiple prizes makes this ticket set an interesting bet.

In general, this ticket is best played on lotteries where small prizes have a medium payout, but will be incredibly profitable if your key number Match 5 (1,2,3,4,5) appear in a the draw.

  • 10x prize for Match 3 → $10 prize / $1 ticket
  • 50x prize for Match 4 → $50 prize / $1 ticket
  • 500x prize for Match 5 → $500 prize / $1 ticket