Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 | 10 Number Wheel Trap (3if3)

Get balanced coverage on 10-numbers with a 3if3 guarantee using just 10 lines. Best 4if4, and 5if5 coverage with repeat Match 3/Match 4 wins as consolation.

Wheeling System Playing Tips

To improve your payouts from 3if3, 4if4, 5if5 and 6if6, play multiple 10 ticket sets with the same numbers in a re-arranged order.

You can also try adding swapping out 2 numbers with other options on a 2nd ticket set. This will add 3if3 coverage for 12 numbers total, as long as 2 of your 8 key numbers appear in the draw.

Wheel 10 Numbers on 10 Lines

Each of your 10 selected numbers will appear six times on this ticket set, meaning that 60% of your tickets will go live as soon as you match 1 number in the draw.

If you match 2 numbers quickly, 9 of your 10 of your tickets will go live with 3 of them being live with a Match 2.

Ticket 011234810
Ticket 02124569
Ticket 031246710
Ticket 041356810
Ticket 05135789
Ticket 061468910
Ticket 07234679
Ticket 082357910
Ticket 09256789
Ticket 103457810

Guaranteed Wheel Prize Wins

Matching 3 numbers will guarantee you at least 1 win with a possibility of two wins depending on the combination. The same goes for the 2+Bonus prize.

Match 2+Bonus

You are guaranteed one Match 2+B prize but can have 2-3 wins depending on the combination.

Match 3

You are again guaranteed one Match 3 prize but can have 2-3 total wins depending on the combination.

Secondary Wheel Prize Wins

Should your combination not appear when matching 4 or more numbers, you will be still guaranteed several lower prizes.

Match 3+Bonus

You will at least be guaranteed a Match 3 prize here, but can variations of 1-2 Match 3+B/Match 3 prizes, along with 1-5 Match 2+B prizes.

Match 4

Having a 1-2 or Match 4 lines on your ticket will produce 2-4 extra Match 3 lines as well, while no Match 4, will still have several repeat wins of Match 3.

  • A single line of Match 4 will also win 3-4 Match 3 prizes.
  • Two lines with Match 4, will also win 2-4 Match 3 prizes.
  • No Match 4 will win 5-6 Match 3 prizes.

Match 4+B

You have 4if5 coverage here, so you are least guaranteed a Match 3+Bonus win, if not a Match 4 or Match 4+B. On top of that, you will have 1-6 Match 3 or Match 2+B prizes.

Match 5

Again you have 4if5 coverage here, so you are least guaranteed a Match 4 win with a possibility of 1-2 Match 5 wins, 2-4 Match 4 wins and up to 7 Match 3 wins.

Match 5+B

Again you have 4if5 coverage, so you are least guaranteed 2 Match 4 wins. You will alsohaveheavy 5if6 coverage and more likely than not to least have a 1-2 Match 4+B or Match 5 combination.

Match 6

4if5 coverage will ensure a guarantee of 7 Match 4 wins. The heavy 5if6 coverage also means you’re more likely than not to least have 1-2 Match 5 combinations.

Match 6+B

5if7 coverage will ensure a guaranteed Match 5 win, while the heavy 5if6 coverage also means you have a decent chance of winning the Match 5+Bonus.

Wheel Free Tickets

A Match 3 win will also produce 2-7 free tickets from match 2 lines

Match Only Bonus

Each number will appear 6 times out of 10 tickets, so it’s will receive 6 free tickets if your lottery supports matching of the bonus number.

Match 1+Bonus

This will not usually win anything, but it will appear 2-4 times on your tickets, which reduces your Match Only Bonus from 6 to 2-4 free tickets.

Match 2

Should you be able to match two numbers you will win 2-4 free tickets based on the combination.

Risk Factor

The gamble here is that a $3 prize for a Match 2+Bonus (1-2 wins) at $3 per will not generate enough to cover the cost of the ticket.

To profit from a Match 3 (1-3 wins) at $10 you will need to be lucky to ensure the combination has 2 or 3 wins. At break-even (1 Match 3 win), you can still receive 6-7 free tickets for Match 2.

At Match 3+Bonus onwards, however, you are guaranteed to profit.


Since there is no guarantee beyond a single 3if3 with this wheel, the number of wins will differ with each combination. Multiple wins are available, but you will need to luck to ensure they appear on your ticket.

Secondary wins from of non-matches of 4+ numbers will lower the total prize amount on your ticket and create a varying number of draws required to break even.

  • Match 3 = $10: every 1-3 draws… or
  • Match 4 = $50: every 4-12 draws… or
  • Match 5 = $500 : every 16-67 draws

Wheeling System Summary

The fact that you can play 10 numbers quite cheaply will greatly increase your odds for Match 3 prizes and free tickets from Match 2.

Full 4if5 coverage along with heavy 5if6 coverage will ensure you still win a decent amount should you match five or more numbers.

In general, this ticket is best played on lotteries where small prizes have a medium payout.

  • 10x prize for Match 3 → $10 prize / $1 ticket
  • 50x prize for Match 4 → $50 prize / $1 ticket
  • 50x prize for Match 5 → $500 prize / $1 ticket