Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 | 8 Number Wheel Trap (4if4)

Get balanced coverage on 8-numbers with a 4if4 guarantee using just 3 lines. Key number 5if5 coverage with repeat Match 4/Match 3 wins as consolation.

Wheeling System Playing Tips

To improve your payouts from 3if3, 4if4, 5if5 be sure to extra care when choosing choosing your key numbers (1,2,3,4,5) as they will appear together on multiple tickets.

You can also try swapping out your (1,2) or (1,,2,3) or (6,7,8) number-sets with new options on a 2nd ticket set. This will add additional 4if4 coverage for 10-11-numbers total.

Wheel 8 Numbers on 7 Lines

The first three numbers (1,2,3) repeat on all three tickets while they also appear with (4,5) on two tickets. The number (6,7) also appear twice while the number (8) only appears once.

Ticket 01123456
Ticket 02123457
Ticket 03123458
Ticket 04123678
Ticket 05124678
Ticket 06125678
Ticket 07345678

Guaranteed Wheel Prize Wins

This ticket will provide you with full 3if3 and 4if4 coverage, so you’ll will automatically win at least one prize if can you match at least three numbers.

Match 3

Your Match 3 key numbers are (1,2) as no matter what other number follows, you’ll get four repeat prize wins. The combination of (6,7,8) also appears four times.

Match 4

Your Match 4 key numbers are (1,2,3,4,5) as they will provide three repeat prize wins, no matter the order of appearance. As well, if you can match (1,2) and any two other numbers you’ll have two repeat prize wins.

Secondary Wheel Prize Wins

Should your combination not appear when matching 5 or more numbers, you’ll be still guaranteed Match 4 or Match 3 prizes on every ticket due to 4if5 and 3if4 coverage.

Match 5

You Match 5 has two sets of key numbers which are (1,2,3,4,5) and (1,2,6,7,8). If either combination appears in the draw, you’ll have three repeat prize wins.

Furthermore, as long as you draw (1,2) any 3 other numbers you’ll be guaranteed at least one prize win!

Match 6

Your Match 6 also has two sets of key numbers which are (1,2,3,4,5) and (1,2,6,7,8). If you draw these five numbers, then you’ll be guaranteed a jackpot win no matter what the 6th number is.

Repeat Prize Wins

As long as you can match 3 numbers on this ticket set you’ll have have two lines that win prizes.

  • For a Match 3, you can also have up to 4 repeat wins.
  • For a Match 4 or a Match 5, you can have up to 3 repeat wins.

As long as you match 4 or more numbers, than you’ll win a prize on every single line, due to full 3if4, 4if5 and 5if6 coverage.

Wheel Free Tickets

Your key numbers here are (1,2) which appear on six of seven lines. All others numbers are even paired on four of seven lines with every other number.

Risk Factor

Full 5if5 coverage for 8 numbers requires 12-line ticket. This balances the risk between the extra cost required (5 extra lines) and the number of extra losing tickets in each draw you don’t win.


With guaranteed repeat wins if matching 3 of 4 numbers, you can truly stretch easily profit with this ticket if your chosen numbers appear frequently.

  • Match 3 = $10: every 3-6 draws… or
  • Match 4 = $50: every 13-24 draws… or
  • Match 5 = $500 : every 31-217 draws

Wheeling System Summary

The fact that you can box out 8 numbers while adding number repeat prize wins makes this ticket set an interesting bet.

In general, this ticket is best played on lotteries where small prizes have a medium payout, but will be incredibly profitable if your Match 5 key numbers (1,2,3,4,5) or (1,2,6,7,8) are drawn.

  • 10x prize for Match 3 → $10 prize / $1 ticket
  • 50x prize for Match 4 → $50 prize / $1 ticket
  • 500x prize for Match 5 → $500 prize / $1 ticket