Pick 6Wheels

Pick 6 | 8 Number Wheel Trap (5if5)

Get balanced coverage on 8-numbers with a 5if5 guarantee using just 12 lines. Key number 6if6 coverage with repeat Match 5/Match 4 wins as consolation.

Wheeling System Playing Tips

The key to playing this 12-line ticket is to work your odd/even number sets into each quadrant (1,2,3,4) and (5,6,7,8). This way you can evenly distribute your favorite numbers throughout each decade in the most popular patterns for a 6if6 match.

Wheel 8 Numbers on 12 Lines

The first four numbers (1,2,3,4) and the last four numbers (5,6,7,8) repeat on six different lines each. These groupings create a large number of repeat prize wins should 3 or 4 numbers of either quadrant appear in the draw.

Ticket 01123456
Ticket 02123457
Ticket 03123458
Ticket 04123467
Ticket 05123468
Ticket 06123478
Ticket 07125678
Ticket 08135678
Ticket 09145678
Ticket 10235678
Ticket 11245678
Ticket 12345678

Guaranteed Wheel Prize Wins

This ticket provides you with guaranteed 3if3, 4if4, and 5if5 coverage. You can also have repeat prize wins if matching within your key number grouping.

Should you can match at least five numbers, then you’ll be guaranteed to win prizes all 12 lines.

Match 3

Your Match 3 key numbers are found within your quadrant groupings of (1,2,3,4) and (5,6,7,8).

If you can match any 3 numbers within either grouping you’ll be guaranteed to win six repeat prizes. Any other combination will guarantee you win three prizes.

Match 4

Your Match 4 key numbers are your exact quadrant grouping of (1,2,3,4) and (5,6,7,8).

If you can match all four numbers in either grouping you’ll be guaranteed to win six repeat prizes. Any other combination will guarantee you win three prizes plus six Match 3 prizes.

Match 5

Your Match 5 key numbers also require exact quadrant grouping of (1,2,3,4) and (5,6,7,8) to maximize your top prizes. If you can match 5 of your 8 numbers, you’re guaranteed to win at least one top prize, as well as Match 4 and Match 3 wins on non-matching lines.

If you can match all four numbers in either grouping, plus any other number you’ll be guaranteed to win three Match 5 prizes, plus three Match 4 prizes and six Match 3 prizes.

Any other combination will at least guarantee you win one Match 5 prize plus seven Match 4 prizes and four Match 3 prizes.

Secondary Wheel Prize Wins

Should your combination not appear when matching 6 numbers, you’ll be still guaranteed Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3 prizes on every ticket due to secondary 5if6, 4if5, and 3if4 coverage.

Match 6

In order to win the jackpot must have an exact match of one your key number quadrants of (1,2,3,4) or (5,6,7,8).

If you draw all four of these numbers, plus any 2 others in you 8 number wheel, then you’ll be guaranteed a jackpot win!

Repeat Prize Wins

As long as you can match 3 numbers on this ticket set you’ll have at least 4 winning lines out of 12. If you can match 5 numbers, then you’ll win a prize on all 12 lines.

  • For a Match 3, you have either 3 or 6 repeat prize wins.
  • For a Match 4, you can have up to 6 repeat prize wins and up to 8 secondary prize wins.
  • For a Match 5, you can have up to 3 repeat wins and up to 11 secondary prize wins.

Wheel Free Tickets

All numbers are evenly weighted and will appear on 9 separate lines each, so a Match Only Bonus can win 9 free tickets. Each number pairing will appear on 6 or 7 lines, so a Match 2 can win 6-7 free tickets.

Risk Factor

With full 5if5 coverage, the biggest risk is the number of losing lines (up to 12) should your numbers not be drawn.

There’s also a risk of losing out on the jackpot, but full 6if6 coverage for 8 numbers costs 28 lines. This makes an upgrade too risky as you can have up to 28 possible losing lines for each draw where your numbers don’t appear.


With guaranteed repeat wins if matching 3 of 4 numbers, you can truly stretch easily profit with this ticket if your chosen numbers appear frequently.

  • Match 3 = $10: every 3-5 draws… or
  • Match 4 = $50: every 15-25 draws… or
  • Match 5 = $500 : every 74-142 draws

Wheeling System Summary

The fact that you will at least win on 4 lines for Match 3 and can win 6 Match prizes or win 3 Match 5 prizes makes it a very interesting bet.

Boxing out 8 numbers will also greatly increase your odds of 3 or more numbers appearing in the draw.

While this ticket is best played on lotteries where small prizes have a medium payout. It will also be incredibly profitable for Match 4 or Match if the full set of either key number quadrants (1,2,3,4) or (5,6,7,8) is drawn.

  • 10x prize for Match 3 → $10 prize / $1 ticket
  • 50x prize for Match 4 → $50 prize / $1 ticket
  • 500x prize for Match 5 → $500 prize / $1 ticket